About Me

me-running-on-the-beachI’m a New Zealand based writer and communications guru, originally from the UK. I love addictive Netflix series, strong tea, yoga, tiramisu and my awesome husband Liam. (Not in that order).


Why Mental Health?

I’ve struggled with my mental health since I was 15. Over the years I’ve been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, an eating disorder and perfectionism. Keeping my mind healthy and strong is something I have to work at everyday. I write about it because writing helps me, but I hope my writing can help others too.

Why Gender Equality?

I believe that the world is a better place when everyone is treated fairly and equally. I focus on promoting fairer, equal treatment of women in society, because it is something I feel passionate about and because it is an issue that directly affects me and millions of others every single day.

“Just like those who have gone before me, I will not wait patiently but will
continue to change minds, change laws and create a society where
the gender you are does not determine the life chances you have.”

The Fawcett Society

Thanks for reading. Constructive comments always appreciated.

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